In Loving Memory

Precious Baby Girl, Angel Cat, Little Princess, The Duchess of Cottage Hill, Nurse Cat, A Mommy's Girl, A Daddy's Girl. We love and miss you so much. You may be gone from our touch, but never from our hearts and memories.
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Will there be animals in Heaven? --Billy Graham
The Rainbow Bridge
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How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?
Pet Loss

This is me with my adopted brother Amadeus. He came to live at my house when he was about 2 months old when I was about 5 months old.

In Loving Memory

Amadeus was a white medium-hair with green eyes. Amadeus was extraordinary in the fact he kept time to music and appeared to be leading an orchestra with his tail. Most of course were not convinced until after they had witnessed it first hand for themselves. Mozart was his favorite. We will always love you, our sweet "Little Man."

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